Successful companies thrive on individuals with dreams, ambition and a vision. Their creative and innovative take on the world is vital to a company’s success. Greenhouse Group is committed to invest in such promising individuals by offering them the means and know-how to materialize their dreams.

It is this firm belief in the power of creative ideas and promising talent that has helped Greenhouse Group grow into a parent company with more than 150 specialists working for four leading, innovation-minded companies within the digital domain. In order to remain ahead of the competition and anticipate trends, Greenhouse Group launched its Labs program, targeting students with drive and ambition.

Students are the future. Greenhouse Group believes in a student's innate ability to see the world from a fresh and youthful perspective with unbridled enthusiasm. Labs aims to enable students to be the first to work on assignments that revolve around the most innovative technologies and products currently available. This approach helps further fine-tune good ideas while weeding out ideas with less potential.

Labs is an ideal opportunity for Greenhouse Group to test technology before it has fully matured. Not only do the students themselves benefit from witnessing new technology first-hand and as it emerges, but they can also help to define the future of each new breakthrough. All this makes Greenhouse Group Labs into an ideal breeding ground for pioneering new technology.

Internet of Things

The social experiment.

Education: Software Engineering/Media Design/Psychology/Data Science

Robots are on their way
A couple of years ago, we were all astonished by seeing robots play football, but, in regard to technology, what was cool some time ago, won’t exactly impress us now. For instance, presently we are amazed by the fact that robots are already becoming part of the staff either of a French supermarket or telecom stores in Japan. Thus, it doesn’t surprise anyone that Facebook put a similar technology such as chatbots in the agenda. What does this tells us? It tells us that we’ve just entered the Era of Robots, what a moment to be alive…


An infinite number of lessons
It goes without saying that you’ll be working constantly with a robot in order to teach him all kinds of new actions on a regular-basis. You can make him acquainted with some of your colleagues. Is facial recognition something that appeals to you? You can certainly count on implementing it on the robot! But it doesn’t quite end there. The most exciting part is that you’ll make it social just like a human being is. Think how cool it will be to have him tweet the best moment of the day. Or probably order on his own a pizza for the whole department? Maybe you can even teach him to try his luck by buying a State lottery ticket!

In other words, by making all these incredible possibilities happen, it means that you will play an important role in our social robot experiment. But not all of it is purely technical, as you will feel superbly curious about how robots are being accepted on social media in general or the Dutch society in particular.

Don’t miss this opportunity!
So does the world of robots truly fascinates you? And do you have a background in either Software Engineering (previous experience in programming robots will be a plus), Data Science (an interest in image recognition would be an advantage), Media Design or Psychology? This is definitely a great opportunity for you to shape the future of robots in our lives! Apply now, before someone else take your place!

The chatbot revolution

Would you notice the difference?

Education: Business Studies/Media Design/Software Engineering

Bots, the new game changers?
By now you’re probably aware of the likely next big thing: Facebook’s chatbots. Eight years after Apple launched the App Store that lead to the incredible success of apps, is history repeating itself? Are bots going to be successful as apps were? Are they going to replace them? One thing is for sure, bots are the new gold rush and Greenhouse Group Labs is on its trail!

The concept of the chatbot, however, is nothing new. For instance, in 2011, there was INGBuddy that helped you check your account balance, Billie that provided assistance in returning products and a Studio bot that would tell you which song was playing on Radio 538.

But five years is a lot of time when it comes to technology, right? In the meantime, a lot changed due to the mobile revolution. Now, we can’t do without messenger apps (Facebook’s, WhatsApp or Snapchat) and companies are already getting their hands into these as service channels, Ditzo and Coolblue being two good examples. Actually, Facebook’s biggest competitor has already launched a bots store which is pretty amazing! For instance, you don’t need to check Accuweather anymore, you can simply ask the bot about the weather! Now imagine the kind of incredible solutions that can developed by and for Facebook’s Messenger. Getting some ideas already?


Bringing it to another level
The approach to bots is obviously quite important. So, you should keep in mind how brands and the marketer can effectively use the various touchpoints of a consumer through a chatbot. Also, it is worth thinking about how a chatbot can be useful at different times within the buyers’ cycle. In other words, the chatbot has to do more than to produce a cause-effect because that’s not exactly dynamic is it? Moreover, that doesn’t tell us much more about the user. But what if a chatbot would learn from the conversations it has had with other customers? Maybe you could even improve its communication by using it in an A/B testing. Besides that, it becomes already clear in these potential tasks that the project relies heavily on data science, communication and persuasion all combined.

Your talent can be the key!
So do you think you have an outstanding idea for applying augmented reality to the shopping environment of the future? Are you either a gifted industrial design student, a superbly creative Designer or game developer? Then, there is a seat for you! If so, apply for this assignment as fast as you can!

Artificial Intelligence

Beat the marketer

Education: Media Design/Data Science/Software Engineering

Ranking the Ads
The most advertising money that gets spent within online advertising is still on Search Engine Advertising (SEA). From the moment you search in Google, there are advertisements at the top of the page that contain a message. Every month, we show billions of advertisements on Google and our goal is to show the right message to the consumer. We want our advertisements to be as relevant as they can be! That’s why we want to use machines so that more intelligence can be added to our SEA teams.

This doesn’t mean, however, that we haven’t done anything in the past few years. Naturally, a countless number of tests were performed to see what message works best for each search. But you can’t really optimize every search manually and that’s why we have developed the tool Ranking the Ads as a proof-of-concept. With this tool, it’s already easier to take A/B tests and we also have all data available in a database. However, the tool isn’t practical and misses intelligence.

Previously, young talented people like you, during their internships at Labs, not only were able to add intelligence to Facebook advertising, but also to Programmatic Buying (buying banner advertisements automatically). One of them even got a nomination for a Dutch Interactive Award, doesn’t that sound quite amazing?

This time around, we challenge you to surpass this success in the SEA field. Are you up to the task?


The machine knows what’s best
The goal is then to add tips on how a search marketer can write better advertising texts. Based on billions of impressions, a machine learns what texts work better. Does the text have to be shorter or are there certain words that invite people more to click on a SEA ad? Or is it even possible that it depends on what psychological methodology you use in the advertising text?

The opportunity awaits you!
For this project, we require that each team member has a different profile. So, if you have background in Data Science/Econometrics, it would be an advantage to be experienced with machine learning. If you’re a Software Engineer student, then you should be familiarized with Big Data. Finally, in case your field of study should be Media Design, we expect that you’re experienced with front-end and usability testing. So do you have what it takes to bring this project forward? Then, you can only but apply to this challenging internship!

Customize your assignment

The above assignments are just a selection of the possibilities in the digital landscape.
Are you really passionate about an innovation or do you have an idea that needs to be explored? Contact us, explain why we should add it to Labs and we’ll get back to you.