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A beautiful future awaits us and we feel it in our bones. Who better to reveal all that future has to offer than the next generation? Insert Greenhouse Group Labs, our not-that-secret laboratory, where students can dig into the most awesome new technologies.

With their fresh outlook and truckloads of enthusiasm, these bright minds discover how today's gadgets can become tomorrow's business cases. This helps us at Greenhouse Group to hold our strong position in the frontlines of digital marketing while giving students the time of their lives. Win-win! After all, who doesn't want to stand on the verge of the next technological breakthrough?

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Our core values Innovation, dedication & fun, through and through. Come play with the coolest tech!

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Check out our assignments on today's hottest topics: Internet of Things, New Media, Consumer Friendly Advertising and Artificial Intelligence.


Veggies for Techies – Farmbot project

True to our name, we at Greenhouse Group love a salad for lunch. Juicy tomatoes, beautiful salad greens, crispy cucumbers. Yep, salads are serious business at Greenhouse Group. But where do our vegetables come from?

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Mixed Reality – a new way of communicating

Do Magic Leap, HoloLens and Meta 2 ring a bell? Together they're the vanguard of the new media called Mixed Reality. MR adds a powerful interactive layer of 3D content to reality. Like Augmented Reality, but even cooler.

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Virtual Personal Assistant - Google Home

"Welcome home, would like a cup of coffee? What music shall I play while I read your emails to you?" Unfortunately, nobody can train their partner to provide this kind of service, making Virtual Personal Assistants the favourite new tech of anyone who loves to be pampered.

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Dethrone our algorithm!

What would be the most effective way to prevent car accidents? Simple: autonomous vehicles. Fewer drivers, safer traffic. In a way, it's the same with advertising: the more we automate, the better the results.

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These assignments are just the tip of the iceberg in the digital landscape. Are you really passionate about an innovation or do you have an idea that needs to be explored? Contact us, and we might add your idea to Labs!


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An innovative tool which allows you to inspect the chemical composition of a certain object.

Smart Clothing

Change the colour of your clothes while you're wearing them.

Eye Tracker

Predict someone's actions before they even decide.

Internet of Things

Robots are on their way: the social experiment.

The chatbot revolution

Bots as game changers: would you notice the difference?

Augmented Reality

How will we be shopping in ten, twenty years' time?

From Ad-blockers to Consumer-Friendly Advertising

Next level digital advertising.

In-Store Analytics

The future of shop conversion

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