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Data is beautiful. Intriguing. Simply wonderful. At Greenhouse, we're madly in love with data. Especially our Data Technologists and Data Scientists: the bright minds who brave the daily data tsunami and transform it into bite-sized insights for the rest of Greenhouse, proving them to our clients with campaigns that are right on target.

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Are you madly in love with data too? We're looking for a Data Scientist and a Marketing Analyst.

Data science & technology

Our Data Technologists and Data Scientists operate at the intersection of data and technology. That's where the real magic happens. Or, as they like to say: the real science. Combining data layers, a tag management system and web analytics, they collect data from all corners of the consumer universe.

All that beautiful data are carefully analysed and sorted. From representative samples out of the bottomless pit that's Big Data, to the one cookie that tells us how long you've been looking at an ad. CRM systems, off site, offline and log level data: they leave no stone unturned. Is all of this making your ears ring? No worries. Our data-heroes can explain it in a way that will give you butterflies for all that wonderful data too.

Conversion optimisation

If you never eat anything but vanilla ice cream, you'll never discover if strawberry might make you infinitely happier. That's why a savvy ice cream salesman will offer you a range of flavours. Our conversion optimisation is like that. Well, a bit less simple, of course. Our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) team doesn't win truckloads of awards for their genius A/B-tests for nothing.

Analytics, heat maps, surveys, usability research, insights from neuroscience and social psychology: our CRO team uses whatever it takes to predict which ice cream flavour you'll like best with uncanny accuracy. They look into the depths of your soul and discover things you won't even tell your mother. That's how these grand masters of the customer journey achieve conversion rations that deserve their own area code.

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Only if you truly love data, you'll achieve maximum results with every campaign.

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