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Digital media. You may think that you could keep up, but forget it. The speed in which one follows the other is huge. Just look at our devices. Pc’s are long gone as our go-to device. Instead, a smartphone is glued to our hands. Preferably one big enough to use as a small tablet. And televisions? They serve best as a big screen for Netflix.

That’s not all. We surround ourselves with smartwatches, activity trackers, VR headsets and AR glasses. There is a flood of media channels that we mix and match to our liking! And there are just as many media formats to work with from interactive banners to live videos. This doesn’t make the world in which we operate any easier, but it’s definitely a lot more exciting!

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Media guru (in the making)? We’re looking for an Online Marketing Specialist and a Campaign Optimizer.

Final boss: the consumer

If you still assume that brands are in charge, it’s time to level-up your campaigns. Right up to the level in which the consumer is the centre of your universe because they’re the ones who truly hold sway in the wonderful world of media. They take control over their digital identity and decide which brand they want to connect with, and how.

Is your product, message, format, channel or timing not on par with the consumers’ wishes? Then you’re going to have a bad time. The deadliest of sins is being careless with users data. Like a true final boss, an unhappy consumer will bash your head in. Goodbye follower, newsletter subscriber or conversion unless you’re equipped with our secret weapon...insight!

Data is our lifeblood

We’re bloody serious about data. No data, no insights. And no insights, no genius media campaign to blow your consumers’ socks off. Whether your goal is branding, sales, loyalty or retention: you’ll have to figure out where your target is, what they like and when it’s the best time to strike.

In all likelihood, consumers aren’t eagerly waiting for your marketing message. The trick is to get your timing right. We know just how to do that. We collect insights from all over the digital landscape with our smart technologies. And the right message? No problem, we’re all yours!

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Next level media campaign? Make it all about the consumer!

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