Although technology no longer stands in the way, we still see that many organizations have difficulty offering customers a scalable, personal and friction-free experience. As a result, they unnecessarily make high costs. While the solution is pretty obvious: easy, personal and instant contact through conversational: meaningful interactions with consumers that yield revenue, improve the customer experience and save costs.

There is no other country in the world where conversational interfaces are adopted faster than in the Netherlands. Just look at the speed with which the Google Home has found its way to our living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms (Twinkle Magazine, 2018). This makes it not only attractive, but also essential for brands to evoke a dialogue in every phase of the customer journey, wherever consumers want it. This used to be primarily the store, telephone and email, but we see a major shift to WhatsApp and the Google Assistant.

Companies that want to excel in customer contact and deliver the best customer experience are now fully committed to conversational AI. Whoever leads the way is the first one in the market to talk to consumers. And in this way not only builds up a valuable contact, but also a competitive advantage that is not easy to catch up with. What can Greenhouse as a launching partner of new conversational technology and award-winning concepts do for your brand? We will help you become a winning conversational company. Just say: "Hey Google, I want to talk to Greenhouse_Conversational!"

Conversational provides the following benefits:

1 Increase sales. Chatbots and voicebots are a vital part of the digital decision process, by making it easier for the consumer to make a purchase by providing assistance during the orientation phase. And what about voice commerce, making purchases directly through your voice device; that already made billions of dollars in sales in the US. For Vodafone B2B we developed a chatbot that increased the conversion rate and directly generated leads.

2 Improve customer experience. Let your customers enjoy convenience, speed and direct contact, instead of being on hold, having to wait for the service department to be open, or receiving an unfriendly no reply email. With Volkswagen we developed a voice application with which you can schedule a service appointment with the greatest of ease.

3 Save costs. An average service call costs 5-15 euros. The answers to commonly asked questions are easy to automate, are consistent and can be optimized continuously. And when a bot doesn’t know the answer, a person can automatically be called in for the more complex questions. We have developed a chatbot for Opel that immediately provides reliable answers to frequently asked customer questions, without the need for a human being.

4 Strengthen your brand. Is your website ready for voice-driven searches, do you want to create work that is good for your brand image and has an impact on other valuable business objectives, just like Auping? Greenhouse_Conversational is often a launching partner of innovative conversational concepts and technologies, and combines this with high-quality concepts.

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