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If we’re thinking about digital campaigns, we’re not immediately thinking about offline. But why not? If we invest online, physical stores benefit from it too. Our goal: bring online and offline closer together in order to increase the bottom-line sales for VodafoneZiggo.




We started off with a radius analysis. It showed that omnichannel sales were highest within a radius of 700 meter of a VodafoneZiggo store. We also saw positive results within 1 and 5 kilometers. We determined the optimal bids that led to more sales in a certain radius and put them into practice through bid modifiers. This led to more sales, both offline and online, and an improved omnichannel CPA.

The next step: add offers to Google Posts in order to get consumers in the area to go to the physical stores. In that way, we bring online and offline closer together. And because Google Posts operates organically, the mobile omnichannel experience gets optimized free of charge.

Finally, we focused on locally targeted search ads. Consumers who looked up certain branded terms and were within a 10 kilometer radius of a new VodafoneZiggo store were informed about the store opening and the special opening offers.

This provided a more complete online experience for the consumer and extra traffic to the new store.



Both offline and online orders increased.

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  1. Due to bid adjustments based on radius targeting, both offline (+32%) and online orders (+25%) increased, which made the bottom-line sales increase by 27%.
  2. The omnichannel CPA decreased by 5%.
  3. The good news didn’t end there, because an average Google Post generated more than 5000 impressions within 7 days.
  4. Thanks to the locally targeted search advertisements a new store generated extra attention and visitors. How many extra? More than 6000 contact moments in one year for every store opening, including click-to-calls and store visits.
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